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raul rodrigo
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Re: Scared Sempai

Jordan Steele wrote:
In my experience he is probably not actually a good nage either. It is impossible to be a good nage without being a good uke. This situation sounds like a major pain. He will most likely not change as it sounds like he has weak spirit. Just try and avoid training with him and when you have to, don't give up your full uke abilites to someone hat won't return the effort.

To avoid training with someone because of his bad ukemi would be, to my mind, self-centered and a hindrance to your own practice. Perhaps such a person is a pain to practice with, but then again, maybe so were we when we were mudansha. If others avoided us then, we wouldn't have improved. "Weak spirit" can be corrected. Who are we so say that someone is beyond our help or not worth our compassion?
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