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Dario Rosati
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Re: Scared Sempai

Thanks all, we'll try to focus on timing/taisabaki and proper distances/posture when practicing with him, rather than speed, kuzushi and ukemi... maybe this will soften the problem on both sides.
After all, I suppose this is one of many discoveries awaiting for me (we) during the loooong path to "yudanshaship" and beyond... this is probably a distortion caused by low ranked people training often and hard, vs high ranked people training seldom... different purposes, feelings and objectives in daily practice lead to different aikido application, (almost) no matter the rank, it seems...

Infact, it's becoming apparent to me that, no matter the rank, the dojo is clearly splittable in two sides... those who think skipping a lesson or a seminar is a great pity and strive to become better every ten minutes they train, even risking some pain here and there, and those that simply enjoy the sparsed lessons they take, almost never attend seminars, and never putting themselves on the stake, maybe risking an harder fall or an aching arm... but both enjoy what we're doing.

Is it so everywhere? I think I can guess the answer...


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