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Re: What technique would you apply to neutralize Brazilian Jujitsu attacker

Michael Varin wrote: View Post
Hmm? If I remember correctly, and I'd like to think I do, Iron Mike was the "bitor" not the "bitee." Holyfield was the one jumping around the ring crying to the ref.

This actually bring up an interesting point. A few years ago I attended a James Williams seminar. At one point he said, "We all know how to stop an MMA guy, right? Just poke him in the eye or kick him in the testicles. They've all been conditioned to stop fighting when that happens."

I don't think he was wrong. The sportification of MMA has resulted in predictable responses from those who practice it. One should never disrespect the strengths that they have, but one shouldn't overlook the weaknesses either.
I'll go ahead and bite hard on this one...I normally don't do this, but James Williams is a well known public martial arts figure Icon, so I'll criticize....

I generally hear such comments from people that have something to hide or protect. That is, they really have no real solution for dealing with fighting. They will hide behind the trappings and constraints of the world they have created for themselves. Hakama, swords, knifes, and "sensei-hood".

I have NEVER seen a video of someone that makes those comments lay it on the line with an MMAer or grappler and demonstrate their proficiency at that range of combat. They will make excuses such as "I'd have to constrain myself cause what I do is deadly".

I'd actually have respect for the comments if they have actually done that and it worked and could be replicated under those conditions.

Short of that, it comes across to me as a weakness in character. that is, to dismiss and marginalize something that should be respected for what it is.

Good MMA guys can fight. (I am not talking about Tapout Shirt wearing guys).... End of discussion. They have been conditioned to take pain and drive on and press a good fight under pressure. They have been tested. A finger poke or testicle kick, may or may not stop them...we really don't know that until it happens do we?

I know what an MMA guy like GSP is capable of because I have seen him fight. I have never seen James Williams fight so I don't know what he may or may not do under pressure. I assume if you put a sword in his hand that he would be very proficient with it...that I would respect. On that same note, if you put that same sword in GSP's might he do??? we don't really know do we? we can imagine it...but the answer would be "it depends".

I'd rather see guys in martial arts say something like..."wow, those MMA guys are very really need to respect what they do if you get into a fight."

The comments Michael attribute to James Williams above is EXACTLY my point about decision making frameworks, paradigms, and self imposed constraints....they can get you in trouble if you begin to adopt the wrong mindset.

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