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Re: Ellis Amdur's Post on Aikido Journal

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I'm not about to repeat myself that your asking others to prove the negative is a fatuous debate tactic. Let's leave it at "moot", shall we? For some reason, Ueshiba's ki skills seem to be much more "relaxed" than anything I get the impression that DR does. That's enough of a question in itself (although I'm not going to be silly and tell you that unless you can disprove it, I'm correct).


Mike Sigman
There is a straight road. You keep trying to take a left and prove the negative.
Actually Ueshiba's training history and inexorable connection to DR are clear enough. You're just another newer iteration of the same old song. That he "invented" or got his ki skills elsewhere.
And you're not able to discuss jin and Ki skills in DR. Your "impressions" of DR are virtually meaningless for several reasons.
But we can leave the point moot and you can just discuss Aikido.
Have fun.
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