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Re: Why do some people hate Aikido?

Sean Orchard wrote:
Since you're talking about attitudes to aikido on internet forums (fora?), you might also consider that a lot of people posting and claiming (at least) to be aikidoka have a very annoying attitude. They can be, shall we say, a bit sanctimonious. It tends to get up the nose of people who practice other things.

For example, you sometimes get some aikidoka looking down on arts that compete, claiming that competition is about ego and Aikido is at a higher level and is not ego based. I've seen this attitude many times, both on line and in the dojo.

In actual fact it tends to work the other way - people in competitive arts have been tooled in competition so many times they generally have a good check on their ego, whereas non competitive arts like Aikido allow *some* practitioners to think they're the deadly and develop ego based around skill that's never been tested.

And I think if there's anything that gets up the nose of other martial artists it's that combination of a "my arts so deadly" attitude coupled with a lack of testing the art under full resistance (which I personally don't think is appropriate for Aikido).

Other than people annoyed by that, many others just don't beleive it's effective for employing in physical altercations so don't want to spend time on it.

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