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Re: Aikido against strong people...

Sean Jefferies wrote: View Post
I was wondering if any of you have experienced trying an aikido move on a strong person and having it not work?
Of course, everyone has had that experience.

Sean Jefferies wrote: View Post
Do aikido moves always work, or only with certain people if you catch the off guard?
If done correctly and at the appropriate time, they work. Knowledge of what's coming can make that more challenging, easier, or no different at all depending upon the skill level and intent of each practitioner.

Sean Jefferies wrote: View Post
Also what would you do then, apply more force, change to another move or something else completely?
If more than 4oz of force is needed, I'm of the opinion that you're doing it incorrectly or you're not doing the correct movements for the moment. See above.

Sean Jefferies wrote: View Post
Just curious, as I've had varying results with different moves, which could entirely be down to me not executing the move correctly.
The path with the greatest amount of success at solving such problems is a path where principles are taught over techniques, and the techniques are vehicles for illustrating the principles, and practicing tools that allow the student to problem solve and discover how to move correctly. Even with the answers, it takes mileage to increase your percentages of success.


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