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Re: Gi's and etc.

David Jackson wrote:
Gi's are so much more comfortable than normal clothes.

You really think so??? I hate wearing a gi for the moment. Allow me to explain: I used to practice Karate when I was 7 till I was 9, and the Karate gi had stripes to tie it so it wouldn't only be tied by the obi, which I find quite frustrating because the obi isn't enough!! I have to fix everything every time I stand from the floor, which makes the cool job of being uke quite heatable. I also have a problem figuring out where to tie the obi... some people say women should tie it around their waist, and I think it looks better, but I'm gonna have a piercing done in my belly button soon so it will bother me. Besides, Sensei always says the knot should be where the "hara" is, but that would be around the hips. Anyway, why did I just say all this??? I'm getting crazy... sorry!!!

My point, which I should have started with: there was another thread a while ago about a Dojo changing white gi's for black ones. I personally find this quite expensive for students, but... who am I to judge??? We are traditional. I like white hakamas, too. My Sensei's Sensei, who is an 8th Dan, has one. It looks cool.
Paul: why don't you just make your Aikido gi's with shorter sleeves, as we do? It's quite easy.

Well I'm soooo sorry I wrote so much... It's just that I have to study and I don't want to!!!

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