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Re: kids in aikido

Emma Mason wrote:
ooooo oooo oooo just remembered one!
my 5yr old kicked my 5th dan (karate) fellas arse! ..... 1 very good ikkyo!
damn i love seeing men in pain!
ooook, dunno what to say about that last thing... I'm sure Karen will agree with you... I mean, not that I don't agree... but well only if they're stupid.
*feels relieved of having come up with such a cool explanation*

About the first part, wow, I mean WOW, that is the true prove that we all needed. Are we not aggressive enough? so? we don't need to. Do we look like we're dancing in a circle? yeah? well come in here and try to get in the m%&#" f/%$!* circle you m$%# f+@$!!!!!!

Not me up there!!
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