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Lucy Smith
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Re: kids in aikido

I have to kneel too, with some of the kids in my class. I always tell them they're more dangerous, 'coz it's harder to get out of their grabs. At least without hurting them.
And Sensei's daughter, an 11 year old 2nd kyu, always smashes the side of my face against the mat during iriminage, since she's too short to throw me properly, and I'm too new to fix that in mid-fall.
But I love training with kids. I like them being more advanced than I am. It's like the world's rules and unjustice don't exist at all in the dojo. Isn't it great that a 16 year old asks an 11 year old how something is done?? Or that a 19 year old giant bloke gets the help of a 9 year old boy, and actually appreciates it??

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