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Anders Bjonback
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I guess I just interpreted this like how Tich Nhaht Hahn (I know that's probably spelled wrong) talks about watering our positive seeds. We have the seeds of anger, jelousy, etc, in us, but also seeds of love, compassion, etc. We should choose which seeds to water. I didn't see how making a choice of which seeds to water was making harmony with thought or emotion energy, or how it was discharging certain energy. Nor did I see how it was about having the strength to choose what was right over what was wrong. I thought it was more like deciding not to feed the negative energy, so as to not let it arise in the first place.

It's not that I thought that other people's ideas were wrong, and it's not that the story didn't touch me in some way (I'm likely to use this story in conversation sometime). I just wasn't quite sure where people were coming from on this.

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