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Re: To What Extent is Martial Effectiveness Necessary...

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I don't have the full story here. What rank was the person that was applying ikkyo to you? I mean if they were fairly inexperienced it would be inappropriate to be too stubborn with them. At lower ranks, most schools like to see corporation in training so the newbies can learn proper form and work the technique out for themselves. Constantly defeating some one's technique doesn't help a 6th kyu out, and frankly isn't impressive to anyone.
I know what you're saying, I understand it, and that's how I see it, too; i'm not an idiot.
Speaking with him afterwards, he said he'd been training for quite a while, and he was either a blue, or red, belt, if memory serves...not that I know what any of the colours signify.
I could tell from training with him that he wasn't such a beginner.
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