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Re: To What Extent is Martial Effectiveness Necessary...

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Are we sure that was the purpose of those techniques to begin with? Is that what Ueshiba intended? Were they techniques for building fighting skills or were they for something else? Maybe just rough approximations of things so that one can practice and build this "something else" and then take it where one wants from there?
My understanding is that he was devoted to budo - he loved martial arts, and saw them as necessary for the good of society - and religion/spirituality; and he saw aikido as something both martial and religious - a means of practicing both of these.
In fact, as stuff like torifune is both a shinto and aikido practice, it isn't a surprise to me that he attributed his martial prowess to supernatural powers; I was very interested to read this:

Edit: I think he wanted to attain the 'something else', but I recall reading a quote from him where he said that you have to have physical power (or words to that effect) allied to wisdom or compassion etc., in order to make the world a better place; I think that the ideal is an enlightened 'warrior', rather than an enlightened person who is removed from the sphere of action/mankind.
A budoka is one who has a key role in society.

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