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Re: Developing courage

can't develop courage, but you can desensitize fears. systema teaching/learning methodology revolves around that. they put you in lots of uncomfortable training situations and work with you to desensitize the fears which cause tensions in your body.
That sounds interesting. Something for me to think on in my own training for sure.

Many of the koryu arts spend a great deal of time training just that, the mental side.
I hoped someone from koryu training would reply to my post. I have read many articles now on the koryu arts (online at least) and I had noticed mention of such training. Without giving away too much (I understand you can't?) can you give some specific examples?

Slow conscious repetition will change the neuropathways through neuroplasticity until it becomes the normal firing path.

Meditation is a passive way of calming the mind and also teaches more mental control and discipline. Very useful.
Thanks for your answer. I understand it is a large area but I am interested in how to instill these processes in training because I have noticed some aikido students come through already with a sharp focus and mental strength while some don't. I'm very aware that while our club can make people feel more comfortable with our training it is not really addressing the mental strength as much as I would like.

There is also the question of whether this change is desirable.
A good point. However, I did mention in my OP that I mean crisis and not necessarily combat. Surely being more relaxed and able to act in a crisis is beneficial?

Thanks for the input all. A good start.

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