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Re: New Feature: AikiWeb AikiWiki!

Ruth McWilliam wrote:
A minor point re: the Aikido styles section of Aikiwiki - technically the BAB (British Aikido Board) is not a style, but a governing body representing UK Aikido organisations from all styles of Aikido. It is inaccurate to list it under 'Aikikai' as a style, because its members are from all the different styles. Can it be listed under the heading of a governing body rather than under a style?
Sure, sounds good. Maybe something like, "Cross-Stylistic Organizational Bodies" might be a good heading.

Of course, I personally don't think that Aikikai is a "style" nor do I hope that I've ever labeled it as such, but that's a totally different issue.
I'd rather not make any changes without asking first!
Actually, by all means, please do make changes without asking first! I do not want to be any sort of "central processing" person to OK or not OK changes. In the long run, that's for the community (ie all of you!) to decide...

-- Jun

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