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Woo, that sure was fun! I think I'm hooked!

Small class last night...heh, only me, Sensei, and one other senior student. Still, I guess that was good for me, as a first class. We did some basic stretching, then went into some basics moves. Don't remember all the names...I know we did ski and something about kata and katate. Oh well, I'll learn eventually.

My ankles are a bit sore. Need to stretch those tendons out a bit more!

Okay, so I'm a little stiff in my technique, but I'll learn to go with it. John had trouble subduing me because I was moving wrong and I had a laugh at myself Well, same as the language, I'll get it down!

What's the one where you sit seiza knee-to-knee and tip them over sideways? That one's fun, too. Did that one a lot, and I actually understood that one (probably because I did it so much...the other ones I only got to do like four times each) and showed my sister how to do it at home. She came with me to watch, and said it was really fun to watch and looks fun. But, she doesn't have enough money to pay the dues with just her babysitting income.

Yep yep yep, that was fun...can't wait until Tuesday. I hope I can get enough of a technique down so I can practice it with my sister at home.

Next class should have more people...possibly nine more. Can anyone help me with formalaties? I mean, I know to bow when you enter the dojo and to the picture of O Sensei and to my sensei, and after a demonstration, and at the end of class again, but *shrug* I felt really awkward during class!

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