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Well, a while back I posted about this, but what got me interested was Tekken, Shadowrun (pen and paper RPG), and Virtua fighter I did some research on aikido, found this forum, read some books...decided it looked great, but didn't have a job.

A few months ago Kato Sensei (practiced under O Sensei for a short time) did a demonstration in town, and Jorge Garcia told me on this forum about it and invited me. I took a friend and went, then went out to dinner with Kato Sensei and a few of the other people who were at the seminar.

I looked around town but couldn't find any "good" dojos (a few of you will remember that stink hehehe), and then I found out that Jorge's friend who I met at the seminar was opening a dojo soon. It was supposed to be open January 1st, but didn't get finished until now.

So, since I got a job finally that works perfectly with my school shcedule, I'll be working Mon, Wed, Fri, Sat, and doing aikido Tues, Thur, and maybe Sat, with school in between. Yeah, I'm pumped.

I'm in Corpus Christi, by the way...

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