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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 28 (Part One)

Sorry, my questions were too abrupt. Too many big words.
My point was not so specially on the effective impact of a left-wing thinking on Japan or aikido or the political inclinations of the Aikikai.

I used the word « noosphere » over « ideosphere » as it implies a transcendence (again a big word) with the notion of ideas dans l'air du temps. I have read Le Phénomène Humain but did not think of the Omega Point in my questions. I think this idea of transcendence conveyed some idea of general human evolution.

Thinking in terms of Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation it seemed important to me that the last two centuries of the leading empires challenged the idea of power (French revolution and Restoration, human rights declaration, Marxism, Revolutions of 1848, Russian Revolution).
These countries faced the extinction of the aristocracy as the dominant class, the decline of state religion and the advent of a proletarian class.
Japan somehow also faced these challenges.

My point here was that Oomoto, Sakurakai and the meetings held at Ueshiba's Kobukan Dojo (from what I read from your columns) seemed to give a mean to (at least) discuss another society.
Such a society would give means to a non aristocrat to train as a samurai and try to transcend his status. Transcendence eased with the beliefs of Oomoto religion and a direct connection with God/the gods. He made himself an aristocrat.

Quoting the wikipedia page about Napoleon : 
« Seizing the new opportunities presented by the Revolution, he rapidly rose through the ranks of the military, becoming a general at age 24 »

Can't we consider a similar "opportunism" in this case?

Thank you.
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