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Re: Training Internal Strength

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Dave de Vos wrote:
I have some questions about training for Internal Strength.

I read quite a few posts about internal strength on AikiWeb, and I'm interested in learning more about it. But I am not quite sure what it is exactly. I've tried to find out more on YouTube. Is it something like this or this?
You'd have to go to a teacher. This stuff has not been codified yet by Western science (although I think we're in an interesting ... while some take the liberty to create their own 'interpretations' about the metaphors, these metaphors point to an actual concrete physical process.
Concur in most respects . The videos are consistent with at least one Western approach to describe those physical processes which I have advanced, and do apply in very similar terms actually, especially in comparison to the first. I like the general descriptive and illustrative approach of the first, while the second (especially the first part) fits a mechanically derived image consistent with the mechanical principle I find applies. The "steel body" is an application of the same prinicple as the "shaking power" in the first, just very abrupt and conclusive.

Glimpsing the principle and practicing the principle are two different things; they aid one another but training is always key -- as these videos show it can be trained in many different frameworks, and its rudiments are within training forms or methods of many arts if observed carefully, though most are shown quite poorly and only hint at this as they are often shown.

Pay attention to the kokyu undo in aikido and how they move the body without conscious intervention. Some will say start with stillness and move to motion; some will say the reverse. Both are right if you see the operative principle, Both are wrong if you don't.


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