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Re: Training Internal Strength

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Thank you for the tip.

That would be a wonderful opportunity indeed, but I read that it is for advanced students and teachers only (I understand that this is usually the case with Dan Harden's seminars). I just started training aikido four months ago, so I don't qualify at all.
Hello Sir
Yes, I have been reserving my efforts for teachers and advanced students. I have done two seminars for students, and I am now doing a couple of others. I reserve most of my efforts for teachers in response to feedback from students here that they could not get practice time in their dojos. Teachers are the ones that can assign time in classes, since they control things, so I got them involved.
Simple Idea really. 17 of the 19 seminars I have done were a commitment I made to support those original teachers.

I would also encourage you to look up Mike or Ark.I am continually told that most of the ICMA teachers are not going to teach you the goods for a very long time. Word to the wise.

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