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Re: Love training, and I have a heavy build and joint issues.

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I will look into the Chinese medicines that you referred to, and will look into them, because frankly, my stomach is telling me to stop the anti inflammatory drugs.
I assume the anti-inflammatories you've been taking are something like ibuprofin, acetominophren or aspirin? Or is it something stronger? You might want to try turmeric -- that's right, the spice turmeric. It's a really great anti-inflammatory, as effective as NSAIDs or more so, without the side effects (except that it may have a blood-thinning effect -- that hasn't been established yet). I take it daily, in tablet form, to manage rheumatoid arthritis, and I also take it if I tweak something. You can't overdo it (although if you take a large amount, you may feel a little flushed) and it really works well.
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