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Re: Which Martial Art for Kids - Aikido / Taekwondo / Karate / Judo ...

I am in the same boat as the OP.

The issue about hands on parenting, hands off parenting, was it helpful was it not to me is not what the OP is asking. I think we understand that Bully is a psychological issue that takes its toll on children who's goal's are often just to fit in. This is where martial arts do help. It does help with strengthening the character of a person through age old teaching of respect, from bowing into class and bowing out of class. No it does not replace "good parenting" but that is not the issue. Bullying today takes a lot different forms than just the physical bullying behind the garden shed. Kids today have to deal with bullying online, Facebook and other social media tools. This is where the strength of character comes in and outside the home not many places teaches kids about these values except a good Dojo imho.

I did Judo as a kid. Growing up in the UK our school even had a Judo team which I was very happy to be part off. Having said that I did not have the pressures that kids go to today and I cannot comment from chapter 7 of my life on what has worked for me and what has not.

I do believe a good Dojo, any Dojo works well depending on how it is presented and how it is taught. I *personally* believe that Judo is a fine martial art that combines traditional values and respect with the need to get rough ad tumbled. YMMV

PS - Long time member - though I do not practice Aikido anymore as I have moved away and the nearest club to me is a well awarded BJJ club. I still believe Aikido principles work not just for Aikido, which is why I am often a lurker here.

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