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Jun Akiyama (akiy) wrote:
Heh -- interesting. The plot is basically that of a 21 year old guy who is really into boxing who (of course) has an unfortunate accident, putting him into a wheelchair. Now, without the competitive life in boxing, what can he do? "Just living isn't enough!" (Which seems to be one of the movie's catchphrases.) What happens? He finds aikijujutsu - a secret martial art formed in the Edo period. Its goal is not to use power to throw down the enemy but to use the power of "aiki" to control your opponent's power.

And so on.

If any of you folks in Japan (Chris, Peter, Peter, et al) manage to catch this in the theater (and pay the outrageous ~$20), write us a review, huh?

-- Jun
The star is actually a fairly popular young actor (catch him in "Dobutsu Kiso Tengai" on Monday nights!), so it might turn out to have a good run. IIRC, the story is based on the actual story of a Takumakai practitioner from Finland (what I heard, but I may be mistaken).



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