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Re: Seishiro Endo Shihan - Montreal April 7 - 9 2009

So yesterday I went to Endo sensei seminar. It was nice to see him after 15 years later. During more then 2 hours he presented only different exercises for connection. Not even single aikido technique. The class was structured like that: 15 minutes of explanations, 3 minutes of practice, again 15 minutes explanations 2 minutes of practice...etc.
We were not allowed to grip, the only contact was by touching very lightly. That was supposed to create and maintain famous connection. Sensei said he is only interested in that kind of practice.

Most folks were completely lost, trying imitating dancing movements and running around tori without much sens. Uke were overreacting and were much too cooperative.

Even in such 'favorable' conditions it was impossible to practice as there were no clear goals of practice established. Also, most of ppl practiced it first time, only few were familiar. However sensei didn't present 'user friendly' approach to his method, he was jumping from one concept to another, once he even mentioned street application!!!!! I was horrified, how anybody could do such association with the exercises (not martial techniques) that were presented!

Everybody was happily dancing around without any martial principles being respected.

I don't think what we did has something common with aikido.And stupid me, I brought my weapons


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