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Re: Recognizing the Ego...My time in Aikido

Hey Dalen Johnson,

Good to hear you're back on track!
If I understand right, you moved to Hungary? so where are you from originally and why did you choose Hungary ?

It's good to hear that even with all the doubts and thoughts, you finally chose to go back and do it. Not a lot of people does that, and it shows that you have character!

Tests or no tests, you must feel the progress inside of you and express it outward using Aikido techniques.

When working with new/experienced participants always try to blend into their motions.

Sometimes I like to work with new guys rather with old, just because you can experience that Unknown side of Attacker's attacks that is not polished yet with Aikido's techniques, and that will help you build your own technique interpretation better than doing scripted attacks from more experienced aikidoka.

Practice in the end will come forth and tests in time. No rush. Enjoy the path, feed your mind and build a strong body to maintain health.
always ask questions and do not try to stuck on little things, they will flow in eventually.
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