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Re: experiences in applying a float to waza?

Jaemin Yu wrote: View Post
Thanks for the answer. By the way, what's the structure? Is it also a kind of alignment? Could you describe the structure? And where is the spot that you can rais uke? Thanks in advance!
When someone grabs ahold of you, the two of you begin to share a structure, you become like one larger thing because you are connected by the grab. When you feel through this unified structure (you and them) you will find a point where they will be locked up, you can use this locked up nature to connect to their core. For example, if you are grabbing me, and totally floppy in your elbow joint I can't move your core, because at the elbow joint you are keeping me from connecting to your center, so I'll try and lock it out, once I lock this spot out, I can get under the locked area, and move it, this will also move your core (because they are all connected). I can raise you with this.

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