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Re: experiences in applying a float to waza?

Hunter Lonsberry wrote: View Post
, nor do you need to get physically lower to ever get under anyone.
How are you under someone without being physically lower then them? If you're not physically lower then someone you can't be under them. You could be next to them, or over them, but not under them. The word 'under' denotes being lower, specifically lower with them over you- under. I don't understand how you can do other wise. It might not seem like you are lower then them, but if you are under them, you have to be lower then they are. If not, we shouldn't say that we are under them.

Whats going on here? Well, by taking their weight/push and having it go downwards (and adding to it a bit), the resultant force goes upwards. From your partners perspective, you are pushing from underneath them, even though physically your body has not dropped at all. You don't find a sticking point at all, you are merely adding their weight/energy to your own and thus creating aiki.
I don't think that is what is happening. You are driving low, and whether you realize it or not, if they are not also driving down, you will find a spot where you are under them. I often find this spot in the shoulders, sometimes it's in their elbows or even in their wrists. This point will be a point they don't want to move (it's a sticking point). If you push into that point where they are locked up, like a wedge, you will drive them up. Once that part moves up, their center will move up also, then you can drive them away. Your physical body wont drop, theirs will raise. I wouldn't call this aiki, but I understand why some would.

If you don't find a "sticking point" why do they move? If there was not a point where they were locked up, their arms would just move and their body would be unaffected. It's only when you find this sticking point, the part where moving their hands moves their body, and get under that sticking point that you can actually move them away from you.

Someone might say, "but Hunter, didn't you say, for internals you don't want to do the whole, you push, I pull thing?" Well, first of all, the way I discussed above was more of a muscle based version, I'm fairly confident that others reading this know how to do the same thing. This isn't dantien driven movement, however you are using your partners weight to cause them to move themselves.
I can't see how something could not be a "muscle based thing". If it's not muscle making the motion happen, what is making it happen?

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