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Re: experiences in applying a float to waza?

Because I don't sit in seiza, I have to do kokyudosa sitting crosslegged. I'm in effect pinned in place - and this has forced me to attune into the difference between "moving my hips" and "moving my center" - working with lessons from a variety of instructors, finding a way with intent to drop, turn and move my center without my body moving in space - in order to float my partner.
This remains very much a work in progress in that I still cannot do this reliably and consistently. With a partner who is interested in this kind of training, who is trying to connect to affect my center rather than clamp down on my arms, it is easier for me to work on it and be successful. With a partner who is clamping down, depending on how we are working together I may play continue to play with this method and just see if I can at least get a little float, then smile and assume the role of uke, or if it seems s/he has no patience for my "games" I just do the more mechanical extension version.

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