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Re: Steven Seagal seems like a jerk teacher. A bit at least...

Eric Joyce wrote: View Post
Touché Shaun.
True ouch!

Eric Joyce wrote: View Post
I have never met Sensei Seagal, but from what I can see of his Aikido (not in his movies) but from various clips of his training and the documentary Beyond Thought, he seems like a teacher who really cares about the welfare of his students.
Well, that's good, isn't it? Who would criticize that? I've only critiqued his movies, in agreement with Stan Pranin, though I'm sure Stan would never have gone so far as I have. But as far as "criticizing his aikido," that is necessary as far as he "uses" aikido in his movies. Or abuses. And one of the big abuses is the practice of dehumanizing the person he's going to rip to shreds. Much of the time, he represents a law officer and always "with attitude" that is also a bad role model to all those in LE and on its fringes. Even soldiers at war are required to treat their subjects with certain human dignities but Seagal justifies, then portrays a level of treatment reminiscent of the photos from Abu Ghraib. Shaun tells me I don't know how Hollywood works but I do know that Jackie Chan still does his own stunts and he doesn't have to abuse the great blessing he has recieved in his martial arts skills.

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He may or may not have an ego or attitude, I don't know...never met him. Like someone said before, his Aikido may not be for you. We shouldn't judge him based solely off movies or unverified internet rumors.
Know, Eric. His aikido looks okay in a lot of ways. It's how he employs it that's a shame.

And I was around when all that bad blood developed between him and the Urqidez brothers and Gene LeBell and a bunch of old time bone crunchers. Those stories are not rumors.

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