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Re: Aikido at Age 59

Started when I was 39. Am now 53. Had to leave aikido for about a year and am just getting back to it. One interesting thing I noticed. I NEVER had lower back problems while practicing. I attribute it to all that rolling shaking the spine up and keeping it loose as well as the benefit for the front core muscles. A couple of months after quitting, even though I still did other exercise, both cardio and weights, I started getting stiff in the mornings.

Call it chiro-aikido.

good luck. Take it slower and don't try to do as much of what the younger folks do. Vinney Testaverdae when playing his one year last year for the Carolina Panthers put it in focus. when you are in your 40's (or 50's) you just can't take the constant pounding like you can when you are in your twenties (for us its many breakfalls....!) Take some, but listen to your body especially the day after....!

Good luck
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