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Bruce Baker
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First rule of protection

Never forget the first rule of protection or the reason to learn martial arts:

Do whatever it takes to protect yourself, and continue your life.

That particular statement can be interpreted as fighting, or running. There is no material item that you own that is not replaceable. Your life is not a replacable item.

So if you decide to fight, there can be no indecision.

Even if you run, the option to change the circumstances of attacker into victim can not be thought about, it must happen.

Not all of us consider the mindset of the robber, attacker, bully, or murderer? Somewhere between meeting the goals of the robber, to having to fight for your life with a murderer, you training in Aikido will give you a better chance to stack the odds in your favor. Sometimes, this is all you have to change a bad situation into a survivable one.

I know in a couple of street robberies I was involved with in my teenage years, I was able to put off a bad situation by keeping forty dollars handy in a somewhat empty wallet, but in others running was the best solution as it got the mugger arrested.

Consider the first rule, its vast boundarys, and many solutions. Stack the odds in your favor ... practice aikido.
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