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Originally posted by PeterR
Hi Kat;

Retreat and how you retreat is a tactical option dictated by circumstance.

Sometimes it is better to stand and fight, sometimes its better to turn and run, sometimes its better to back peddle and hope the circumstances change. Other times just give up what the person wants.

Look at it this way. You nubile and young are faced with a lumbering ox without a projectile weapon - what would you do?

On the other hand you are now faced with someone with your build, a knife and the desire to use it. Like you alluded - turning your back might be the last silly thing you do.

And now to my favourite running away joke.

Two guys in the woods come across an enraged bear.

Bear: Rarrrrr!!!!

Person 1: Run its a bear!!!

after a few minutes of persuit.

Person 1: Gasp gasp we'll never outrun the bear.

Person 2: What do you mean - I only have to outrun you.
Hello Peter,
Thanks for clearing up my confusion, I was assuming people meant to always run away, that it is a decision based on circumstance makes sense. Great visualisations, I hadn't been able to think of a situation in which running would work, but if ones attacker is obviously slower and less agile I'd run, and of course if ones attacker is a bear, guess aikido wouldn't work on one of those
I suppose running would work well for people who can run fast. I do run sometimes, but usually just when walking my dog so he can get a workout,(of course despite the fact that he is twelve he is in great shape and much faster than me ), and it is jogging really,not running.
I am beginning to see why my karate senseis advocated running (and had us do it so much ) perhaps I will belatedly take their advice and start up a running program.
Thank you again Peter


I find the aquisition of knowledge to be relatively easy, it is the application that is so difficult.
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