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Re: kendo, Iaido and aikido

Welcome, Avi. I guess that's the point of Aikiweb, to provide a bit of info not otherwise as readily provided just prior to entering the dojo of a an art new to oneself. I hope you find a great deal of information during your investigation of aikido, whether it's for a year or ten.

My primary reason for replying is that I'd love to get into kendo. Circumstances deter my involvement in aikido to a level I very much regret, and I find myself wondering whether this might be an opportunity to see what kendo might offer for myself.

Does Aikiweb have a counterpart web community in the kendo world?

It seems to me that the closest game in town(vineland, south NJ), is in Philadelphia. I suppose I'd take my own advice in the past, and look at the threads listed at the bottom of the screen to view related threads.

good luck,

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