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Re: Questions about Aikido

Craig Hocker wrote:

yet have no interest in exploring that dilemma this puts on your protagonist.

That's actually something that I have been exploring more and more, with each draft I write. Because I have limited knowledge of Aikido, I have not incorporated Aikido's values into the main character's internal conflict. But I can add in that later on. It would have helped if you had stated this rather than told me to find another martial art.
The more I think about it, the more I realise that the main character MUST practice a martial art such as Aikido -- it creates conflict, internal and external. He's going against what he believes. I need to keep the reader interested, and conflict -- created whichever way -- does just that. I believe the main character wouldn't be half as interesting if he wanted to kill or injure the men. And if I'm going to go down the route of making the good guy a willing killer, I might as well give him a military background -- maybe ex-special forces, something like that. That doesn't interest me. An unwilling killer does.

You may disagree, and, of course, that your prerogative.
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