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Re: Questions about Aikido

Suren Baghdasaryan wrote:

If you want motivate him by his Aikido practice, then I think you have to learn first that Aikido does not teach you to kill the attacker or injure him. Aikido is about resolving the situation with the least of efforts and damage.

Nowhere did I state that Aikido motivates him to kill people. Perhaps i did not make myself clear enough: besides the two fight scenes, and the initial mention of Alex practising Aikido, no martial arts play a further part in my book.
As far as his motivation goes, in the first scene, Alex is attacked while walking home. His motivation is that he wants to stay alive. The reason I would like the attackers to be injured is because I want to show how badly Alex reacts to the thought of hurting another human being -- it plays on his mind for a few days after the attack. This is important for later on in the book, when Alex kills the other men.
In the second scene, his motivation is to save the daughter of his friend. He has to kill the men, otherwise the child will die.

I have found someone who is willing to help me with my questions, and I will communicate with him in private.


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