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Re: Demonstrating aiki, demontrating aikido.Same thing ?

Tristan Abara wrote: View Post
Hello Erick,
You contend that your theory explains the observed phenomena, Mr. Gambito's own theory also explains the phenomena while having the benefit of first hand observation and experience.
Tristan, Mert didn't state any theory, much less attempt to "explain the phenomena." Reading what he wrote, he appears to find it intriguing, perplexing, hard to grasp conceptually, and acknowledges it, to his credit. I acknowledge it; but I didn't start looking at this just yesterday, either.

I don't have a mere "theory". I have experience of my own practice developed training in aikido since 1984 -- reduced to known biomechanical action and sound mechanics in the last ten years or so of work on these fundamental issues specifically over the last ten years. That is a deal more than just a "theory" at this point.

I don't have particular training methodology -- this would be true -- but I am not advocating one either -- lots of different training is good training. I have found good training in my personal experience -- whether the late Parker Sensei 's Yoshinkan, ASU, Iwama, or Federation Aikido. Good stuffs in taichi too, FWIW -- and take the IP/IS crowd at their word that the guys helping them are worth their time. I'm not a partisan.

What has been lacking-- everywhere I have been -- whether in Yokosuka, East Coast, West Coast or Gulf Coast, is a coherent, objective system of understanding that rises past the "just-so" type of training, good as it may be with many teachers.

I mean to remedy that.

Oyesumi nasai.


Erick Mead
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