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Re: Demonstrating aiki, demontrating aikido.Same thing ?

Scott Burke wrote: View Post
Hee hee.
Aheh. Ha,
Ah ha heh ha*cough cough* ow hah....
Oh man, sorry. Ahem!. <popping the spinal reflexes> AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Yeah no that ain't it.
Happy to entertain. But you know this --- HOW exactly ...?

Bodies work like bodies work -- and these bodies -- they work that way. All of them, if they are healthy. The fact that HE works the body -- admitted very ably, very cleverly and quite subtly -- does not change the fact that he is working it THAT WAY -- in that application.

Transmissions work the way they work. Whether you can drive like the NASCAR or F-1 pro or not -- one can understand how the power meets the road -- and -- with one's own capabilities -- drive a freaking car... and maybe even drift the darned thing through the corners a bit ...


Erick Mead
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