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Keith Larman
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Re: Demonstrating aiki, demontrating aikido.Same thing ?

And... If we presume that the theories presented by some of these people are correct as to the body development aspect underlying all of this, then using terms like "relax" or "feel the ki in your fingertips", or "blend with them" are incredibly insufficient for those who haven't had the decades of training to develop the body necessary to actually have something to pin those words on. But if we can more directly train the body, build the structures, enliven the passageways across longer reaches, then the sooner the student can attach those less prosaic ideas to the feeling they have. But it all then begs the question whether the more esoteric descriptions were really necessary to begin with. Or if we're just infusing it with all sorts of wonder philosophical meaning to satisfy our own desires for it to be more deep, more mysterious, more magical and further increasing how special it is to have it.

I honestly don't have time to waste. I've spent enough decades already trying to figure things out. And when I run in to stuff that allows me to look back over a ton of things said to me and suddenly see them in different and clearer ways, well, I ask myself why I'm not making it clearer to those I"m teaching now. It's not you guys here I'm worried about. There's enough "we've got it already" here and surely no shortage of deep conversation. I'm worried about helping the teenage girl I outweigh by 100 pounds who can toss me on my butt even better. And hoping she'll in turn find it easier to communicate the same thing to those she hopefully ends up teaching herself.

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