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Re: 5+ years with "IP/IT/IS"

Like Mark, I am less than five years into the type of IP/IT being discussed around here - about three years with Dan and about four and half years with Howard Popkin and DR aiki - although I have considerably more time and experience with Tohei's ki stuff, I do not consider that the same as the IP/IT from Dan and DR. However, it does provide a good foundation for learning their IP/IT.

So far, I am not faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, nor able to leap tall buildings in a single bound - maybe next year

On a serious note, I do the occasional Aikido seminar and I have found that I am better connected, softer, and more relaxed in technique application - and I have found that there are only three people that I can not stop from taking my balance during waza- those three being Dan, Howard, and Bill Gleason.

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