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Re: Gungrabs


IMO it is more than simply going to a Krav Maga school or picking up old Fairbairn-Sykes stuff. Military has moved away from this methodology for several reasons.

The dynamics of the situation is what is important...that is the movement or fluidity of the enviornment.

The problem with tactics is we try to codify stuff in manuals Fairbairn-Sykes style and much gets lost in the translation.

You end up with "one steps" "two-step" or multiple step drills such as the video that was provided. It assumes certain parameters, while assuming away other parameters.

Not picking on Krav Maga...some very good things in there and depending on instructors, they teach some very good dynamics..

DT or Military Combatives, TTPs or what not are much more complex and involved than picking up a manual or going to a martial arts school...any school...not just K-M.

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