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Re: Koichi Tohei Sensei has passed away

I wish to add my condolences to a great teacher. Also to his family and fiends and all who respected him.

I admire greatness and he truly fitted the bill. His legacy lives on and improves peoples lives. What better gift can a person leave.

I am actually shocked and saddened by anyone bringing character references into play at this time. Shame.

It opens a door for me to a personal view for those people, a truth I hold dear.

So called splits and rifts are a fallacy. Things created by ego and a lack of understanding a truth of life.

When a person reaches a level of 'mastery' it is the natural way for them to then form, build, create their own 'universe' version, way.
There is no betrayal or anything else, there is only the natural way.
Some are responsible enough and indeed lucky enough to be capable and able enough to do so.

Any organization should be proud to see such a person doing so.

I will not debate this issue, especially here on this thread, but only say that is part of my reason for respecting Tohei Sensei as a GREAT person who will be sorely missed.

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