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Re: How to be non-competitive in a competitive world

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Andrew, your example of irimi nage. No issues with the example. However, you say you can CHOOSE peace in the moment. Sure, that is compassion. However, it does not, IMO, demonstrate the elimination of the competitive mind. It demonstrates that nage acknowledges the situation and responds to it appropriately and chooses to be ethical somewhere on the spectrum.

However, lets back up a little. Why should nage engage at all? If he is not trying to preserve something important to him (competition) then why would he need to do anything? Why not stand there and simply accept uke's will imposed on him?

On religion: I think you are correct in your statements about most organized religions dealing in the future and on fear. However, there are religious institutions and practices that do "preach" on the concept of present mind. I do however, think you are generally correct in your take on this.

I appreciate your example of how you believe Aikido fulfills this "missing part of religion". For me, however, as a somewhat Non-religious person as would be consider by the average "religious" person, it is detached from religion and really has nothing to do with religion whatsoever. However, everyone is free to find spiritual and religious meaning where ever they find it.

I do agree that it is a requirement to be in the present in Budo as well. However, budo also is concerned about the past and future as well.
Dear Kevin (me smiling broadly)

You seem to be agreeing with quite a lot of what I have said, look a little deeper and you will see what you have said is, pretty much the same as, what I have.

You said quote:
"sure it is compassion, but it does not, IMO demonstrate how to eliminate the competitive mind"


Compassion Is love and there is no competing in true love is there, when you are in true love with whatever form, there is no competing, YOU ACT, YOU ARE ONE, MOVE AS ONE, AND IT IS NO EFFORT NO MATTER WHAT MOMENT OF FORM YOU ARE IN.

Your spouse
Your close LOVED ones,
Your thoughts,
Your movements
Your breathing
Your attacker.

There should be no competition here, or in the majority of what we do, indeed what is most important to you, and is it all or part form of competition to you, because it's not for me AT ALL! because..............


I am, I am Alive now, And I choose to love them all, even if they are not always nice to me, I TRULY DEEPLY LOVE THEM.

It is no effort when one love's and live something, only when fear hatred and anger reside pro dominantly, do we find these all to be troublesome and fearful of, and guilty for, do you see it is he competitive mind that drives this, the constant competition for more.

And time is included in this.

And all of this can be one, now and it can only ever be one now and in ths moment.

Because underneath it all if you take a very deep breath and hold it "NOW", just put your attention there (don't think. I have follow my breath), feel the movement, with no thought, no judgement, no mental movies/images, just feel breath.

Then you may feel the peace that you are, and always has and will be in this present moment, and you act from this stillness. Instead of he competing mind.

Yes I get, angry, annoyed even furious sometimes, But I quickly dissolve it because I become aware of the peace that I am, you are, and everyone on the planet is. an Ido that Now.

Always In Budo

Andy B

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