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Re: Anger Management

That sounds scary. I think that's what happens often when adrenaline kicks in. I don't really have any advice, but I wanted to say that I've experienced the same thing. For me it has to do with fear. When I get realy nervous or scared, my adrenline starts to kick in, and I get little shaky, my heart speeds up, my balance becomes weaker, etc. I've only trained for a little over two years. Maybe when you train for a long time, you scare less easily. I'd doubt that you ever totally get over it. I think one big issue is that in an adrenaline-satured state, it becomes harder to "do technique," because you get shaky and your balance becomes worse.
A lot of the time, if you fight fear/resist it, this makes it worse (ie say to yourself "I'm getting scared, stop getting scared, this is so stupid,"), and I think one thing that might help is to realize that being scared in a situation in which you might encounter violence is not the worst thing, but being so scared that you're shaking uncontrollably will probably make it harder to move smoothly and effectively.
I don't really know the details of your encounter, but it sounds like you did pretty well. You didn't hurt the guy, and he didn't hurt you. Issues of mai-ai aside, it seems best not to get into a fight in the first place. good luck, and get away from that guy as soon as possible.
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