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Re: Anger Management

I've never handled confrontation well. On the mat, I'm fine even in jiyuwaza or randori. But this upset me very much and I'm wondering what you think on it. If any of you have any advice on how I can handle this, I would appreciate it. How do I get to the point where I don't shake and want to run from a confrontation?
On the mat is always different from the real thing. Training and fitness will only get you so far and in the real world there are no bows and there is not "ready?" question. it just comes in.

As for the situation- at the back of your mind, you must be positive and confident. Remember, you are trained, he is not, you are fast, he is slow, you have a martial mind, he has first intention. The last time i can remember that somebody was hit with a first intention attack was 6 months ago (2004 anyway).
If the sucker starts something- he goes down- no question.

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