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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" - ukemi as a training tool

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Another thing that I wonder -- if the Daito ryu model was to, generally, bring uke to the feet for break/kill and Ueshiba's model was, generally, to cast away ... If we look at Ueshiba's model in a bit more detail, then do you think that rather than work within the specific model of taking uke to the feet, he was, instead, working with "following" and "changing" the energy? In other words, he was working on ways of dealing with not only regular martial artists, but also with those who had "aiki"?
Let's assume that Ueshiba's casting away has nothing to do with what Ellis described as "Disengaging when one doesn't have total control of someone powerful or armed". Why do you think it makes more sense to cast away someone that has aiki than it is to bring him down at your feet? Why does following and changing the energy imply casting away uke?
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