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Re: "Hidden in Plain Sight" - ukemi as a training tool

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Usually it means, that Uke has continue to try and continue providing "Input" for Nage to deal with all the way.. as long as Uke continues inputting Nage continues putting Uke into awkward positions from which Uke needs to find a way to recover center and continue the attack.
There are aikido places that train this way (and then there's judo randori, etc.), but no real internal skills are developed there. So there probably is more to it.

O Sensei seems never to have given any importance to any "aikido techniques" effectivity seemed to rely on his power and skill combined. Does hand waving become a technique when you've got the world behind it so to speak? So maybe they were just nage/uke training tools.
But that implies that aikido techniques are not fighting techniques at all, while most people training aikido seem to think so. It would mean that the rowing exercise contains as much martial information as irimi nage. The end result would be a vitiated martial art, an art containing only body skills, but no martial skills.
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