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"Hidden in Plain Sight" - ukemi as a training tool

On p.177-178 of 'Hidden in Plain Sight' it says
Nonetheless, the importance of ukemi - of being slammed over and over again to the floor, and of being cranked over and over again in various joint locks until one learns to absorb the force, redirect it, and even add ones own power to it and send it back to one's "attacker," is clearly inherent in both Ueshiba and Sagawa's training method.
Which makes me wonder:
- How would that work exactly?
- How much skill can one develop using only ukemi as a training tool?
- What are the advantages/disadvantages of this approach?
- What changes would you need to make to aikido practice to incorporate this approach?
- If techniques were partly chosen for the quality of ukemi training the provide, does this mean aikido techniques are less effective than they could have been without focus on ukemi as a training tool?
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