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Re: Why no tsuba?

Graham Christian wrote: View Post
Anyone who says blatantly that weapons training is intense and dangerous sounds like they may be being a bit irresponsible by issuing such statements.
I am irresponsible? All I said was that anybody who makes statements about weapons better do so from a position of experience and qualified training given that, you know, it involves blunt instruments whizzing close to your hands, head, etc. Yes, it is supposed to be intense, otherwise there's absolutely no point training with weapons. Yes, it can be dangerous as it involves blunt, piercing or edged weapons. It is also responsible to give these disclaimers.

I'll tell you what is irresponsible: a person who can't even properly hold a bokken - let alone control kissaki or centerline, teaching or giving "advice" about weapons training:

Start by understanding that you don't hold a sword by the blade.