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graham christian
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Re: Why no tsuba?

Tyson Walters wrote: View Post
This is way off topic... but I don't really understand why this video has been produced, and presented the way it has?

Hip hop and hats?

What were you going for here Graham?
Ha, ha. Hi Tyson. This goes back to when I first came on here. People took those as literal demonstration videos. Much was said about them by 'experts'. For me they were clips taken from classes which I had put together for fun, no one had ever seen themselves on film before.

This fellow keeps trying to use them to show something, even though in the earlier threads I said o'k' in future if I do a demonstration vid I'll purposely show it on here. With sound.

The one I posted was so that if he is so amazed by them then watch this one as he hasn't used that one before. However, in answer to your question it was actually working on the student to get him through a barrier. His barrier was the fear of harming, of actually hitting through in case of hurting someone. Getting someone to cut through with a bokken and at the same time time giving them the feeling that you aint gonna move helps them with this barrier. Nothing actually to do with sword training but on the other hand lots to do with it.