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In Daily Life

Dorit Ben Lulu wrote: View Post
Very interesting article and I would be glad if you could write more about implying the principles of Aikido in daily life/. Integrating - the art of integrating these divine principles and offering them to my street youngsters, trying to give them a real and easily accessible alternative to violence.
Thanks for reading and responding.
I often try to offer some thoughts on application/integration into daily life in each article - thus the 1 paragraph on "in the dojo" and one paragraph on "in life".
Having worked with a lot of "street youngsters" (felony adolescents) I often just try to model being a good man and doing the right thing by not responding in kind. I like that Aikido does not avoid conflict/violence or back down, but does not support violence as an appropriate/intelligent response, offering no resistance but entering and blending with it. This is a personal paradigm shift/transformation.
I'll try to write more about this in future columns.
Until again,

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