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Re: Getting Accustomed to high falls?

Just like everything else, getting comfortable with high-falls/break-falls takes PRACTICE. I would actually start with taking break-falls from sumi-otoshi (cutting down the forearm) to work on the form, before progressing to kote-gaeshi. Taking break-falls from shiho-nage can pretty rough if your training partner doesn't take care of you. What helps with my shiho-nage break-falls is keeping my hand right next to my shoulder and rotating over the hip. You should NEVER jump into a break-fall, especially from shiho-nage. Think of it as rotating yourself over your hip, and allowing your back leg to kick up from the momentum. And do not try to "force" the break-fall to happen; the way your partner throws you will determine if you are going to take a break-fall or not.

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